Robots are FUN! Your event will be unforgettable, exciting and entertaining. Learn about our robots and their activities. Create unique experiences and insights into the future.



CRUZR is a customer service robot. The cloud-based intelligent robot provides a new generation of services, such as user-friendly and humanlike interaction and customized AI business services.


PEPPER is a social robot – a good friend. PEPPER interacts vividly with your guests, from social small talk to high-level discussions on stage with your CEO. PEPPER is the star of the robots, no doubt. His human behavior such as giggling, clapping or sneezing is unique. PEPPER provides awesome entertainment with cool dance performances.



From a height of 1.55 meters, HEASY maneuvers completely autonomous thanks to its mobile platform. HEASY can be at your disposal for more than 10 hours. Sensor camera, touch screen and the simulation of various emotions by HEASY will enchant your guests in no time at all. Digital guest check-in and surveys are just some of the many tasks that HEASY can take on for you.



ANYmal combines robotics and artificial intelligence. ANYmal is a four-legged robot designed for autonomous operation in challenging environments. Observe ANYmal at your event. The robot can crawl, walk, run, dance, jump, climb, carry – whatever the task requires! For example, you can witness how ANYmal walks up the stairs and delivers a parcel to you.



SOPHIA is the world’s flagship robot when it comes to robotics and artificial intelligence. The robot woman imitates human gestures and facial expressions. SOPHIA is ideal for presentations, interviews and panel discussions. Your guests will certainly keep the encounter with Sophia in good memory.



EINSTEIN is the first and only personal robot from Hanson Robotics. EINSTEIN can talk about science (e.g. the theory of relativity), tell jokes, check the weather and talk about celebrities. He walks and makes different facial expressions that are truly unique! EINSTEIN is Sophia’s little brother.



NAO, the humanoid interactive robot, moves almost like a human being. NAO walks, dances, speaks 19 languages and excels in martial arts. NAO is a sweet little robot (height is 60cm), an eye-catcher as a concierge and an excellent entertainer at your event.


DOUBLE is also known as a telepresence robot, mobile ipad or ipad Segway. It is used for live presentations and panel discussions. The ipad is used to display images, videos, animated graphics and apps.


The XL-ROBOT is mainly an entertainment robot. He is world famous for his stage performances with stars like Rihanna and a crowd-puller with his impressive height – 2m40! The XL-ROBOT is very suitable to be integrated into show acts, or as a promotional robot for your latest products.

cecream Robot


The ICE CREAM ROBOT prepares delicious soft ice in many variations for your guests. The robot can dance for your entertainment.



The BARTENDER robot mixes tasty drinks. At the event, guests can place their individual order on an ipad. The BARTENDER then skilfully mixes and serves the drink


ALEXA is artificial intelligence, plays music, provides information from the internet, updates you on the weather forecast and makes purchases. All you got to do is speak with ALEXA. With ALEXA you can control many smart home devices like lamps, kettles, thermostats, robot vacuums, or even get your essential oil diffuser going.

We offer robots for rent.

As creative event and communication experts, we work out the most effective and interesting way for you to use the robots at your events.


  • Unique experience and insight into the future
  • Surprise and activate your audience with robots
  • Learn about technical innovation and experience design
  • Boost your Social Media

New technologies shape our society and the way we communicate as organizations in the future. New exiting forms of customer dialogues are emerging.


Meet & Greet

Surprise your guests with an interactive ‚Meet & Greet‘. The robots greet your guests with a warm welcome and guarantee a good kick-off of your event.

Robot Shows

Man and machine staged as high-end entertainment. Your audience will be thrilled by the dancing and talking robots in a fantastic show in collaboration with incredibly talented artists (dancers, actors, artists).

Tour d’Horizon / Innovation Pop-Up

The Tour d’Horizon lasts 60-90 minutes and takes place at ARABESQUE. Learn about the interaction of man and machine and experience the new technologies live!

The Innovation pop-up takes place in the heart of your company. 3-20 days full of new technologies, keynotes, workshops, experiences. Whether you hold an internal Innovation Week or invite your clients, it will be a game changer.

CEO-Talk with robot

You are innovative, aim to do important work and take action steps towards the future. You now have the opportunity to hold your keynotes together with robot Pepper. Enquire about this unique possibility. Get in touch with Sylvia Stocker:

We offer robots for rent. As creative event and communication experts, we work out the most effective and interesting way for you to use robots at your events.

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